Here, have some pictures highlighting my NYC trip.

Pictures #1 & #2: Yes, that certainly is Bette Midler.  The one and only Divine Miss M.  Not gonna lie, I’m still freaking out about this and dealing with the unbelievable urge to go watch Beaches.  Saw her in “I’ll Eat You Last,” which she absolutely killed in.  Met her after, talked a little, got an autograph.  Like I said, still freaking out.

Picture #3: I MET JUDITH FUCKING LIGHT! YOU GUYS I’M SO HAPPY! She was one of my first crushes.  I think I died right then and there.  And I look like absolute shit in this picture, but I’m so happy that I’ll look past that and post it anyways.  Also, go see The Assembled Parties.  New favorite play, and I heard it was extended 2 weeks!

Picture #4: A Once ad I found and needed to take a pic of just because.

Picture #5: Since Lana Parrilla tweeted a while ago recommending The Burger Joint, I went, and this is the burger. SO GOOD. Yay, Lana.

Picture #6: Went to see Lucky Guy for my Ma.  At the bottom, you can see the top of Tom Hank’s head. XD I tried to lift my phone high enough for a picture and well… this is what resulted.